Here are seven strategies that brands and businesses can use to succeed on TikTok.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that offers an excellent opportunity for brand marketers to reach a younger audience. With over 2 billion cumulative downloads, it’s a great platform to promote your brand or product. You can also access various communities, influencers, and followers. It’s a worthy competitor to Facebook and Instagram but requires a unique approach to social commerce.

Here are some effective influencer campaigns for branded businesses that can help to become relevant on this platform.

Choose the right strategy that is authentic to your brand.

It’s essential to stay true to your brand’s identity. TikTok values authenticity, so ensure your content aligns with your brand’s values and resonates with your target audience. Whether creating humorous videos, showcasing behind-the-scenes moments, or highlighting user-generated content, make sure it feels authentic to your brand. It will help you build a loyal following and stand out from the competition on the platform.

Track your progress towards your goals.

It’s essential to track your progress when working towards your goals, even when using TikTok. Whether you want to grow your following, create engaging content, or have fun, tracking your progress can help you stay motivated and focused. Consider setting specific goals and regularly measuring your progress using metrics like views, likes, and engagement rates. With a bit of effort and consistency, you can achieve great results on TikTok and beyond. It’s important to measure the engagement level of your videos to identify which videos are performing well and which need improvement. By analyzing the ratio of comments to views, you can also gain insight into what type of content your audience is most interested in and tailor your future content accordingly. TikTok’s analytics dashboard provides this metric and other engagement metrics, allowing you to track the success of your TikTok marketing campaign. However, ensure that the content you display is authentic.

Choose a creative path.

Selecting a creative approach for your TikTok content is necessary to boost your content and reach a larger audience. With countless users vying for attention on the platform, standing out and offering something unique that will grab your audience’s attention is crucial. Consider innovative approaches for your TikTok content that will help you stand out from the crowd.

 Work with user-generated content.

Using social media for a user-generated content campaign is more complex than it seems. You must research the competition and develop a plan to attract the right audience. This includes ensuring you have the correct hashtag and using it appropriately. TikTok is a prime spot for brands to reach a large audience with over 1 billion monthly users. In a social ad campaign, user-generated content can be anything from videos to podcasts. Depending on the nature of the content, your audience may find it more useful. The key is to ensure that your brand stands out on social media. While some companies may consider UGC a gimmick, it’s a valuable marketing tool that can help increase sales and build a loyal customer base.

Look into the influencer communities.

Consider partnering with an Influencer to increase brand awareness on the platform. These social media stars have a loyal following and can uniquely promote your brand. Knowing which influencers to partner with is one of the most important things. For instance, if you are selling an evening wear product, it may be worth your while to collaborate with a designer who has a dance-focused following. Another approach would be to work with an LGBTQ+ influencer who can help you reach a more diverse audience. You can look for Influencers through Creator Marketplace, an analytics tool within TikTok. It allows brands to search for creators in over 47 categories. Once you have found a suitable Influencer, you can build a relationship with them. TikTok started to mature as a social media and catch up with the rest of the industry. As a result, influencers on the platform have become recognizable names and have begun to earn lucrative deals with brands. While traditional advertising messages are proving to be more challenging to deliver to potential customers, TikTok allows brands to expand their reach with some help from its influencers.

E-commerce integration

If you are in the eCommerce industry, TikTok can be a vital marketing tool. As per Open Influence’s report, social commerce sales are expected to triple in the next four years. TikTok has a highly targeted audience and provides an excellent opportunity for eCommerce stores. To be eligible for TikTok’s e-commerce integration, you need to have at least one thousand followers and sign up for a TikTok for Business account. Once registered, you can create a link to your store and drive traffic.

TikTok is continuously testing new features like shoppable videos and live shopping. Recently, they have added a variety of commerce solutions, including a product fulfillment center, merchandise storage, and a customer service return program. The platform offers several shopping options, including the TikTok Shop, which allows shoppers to purchase directly through the TikTok app.

To set up an e-commerce campaign, you need a Shopify store and an account with TikTok Ads Manager. Once you’ve signed up, you need to select the maximum customer data sharing option, enabling you to share information about your customers’ purchases and interests with TikTok. The in-stream e-commerce integration simplifies organic promotions for creators. You can click the Order Center button to get a complete overview of a user’s purchases. It provides recommendations, payment details, and a view of all purchased items through the app.

Amplify your content with ads.

TikTok is a great platform to amplify your brand’s content by using its branded content to reach more people. You can also buy ad placements on a cost-per-impression basis. TikTok offers different ad types, such as Video ads, In-feed ads, Collection ads, and Dynamic Showcase ads, each aimed at a specific audience. For instance, Collection ads combine full-screen landing pages, video ads, and product cards. Choosing the ad type that best fits your store is essential.